Accord 3D Printed Earbuds
The world first fully 3D printed and personal earphones. They are created directly from individual 3D scans of the buyers ear. Then 3D printed in the material of their choice. In this case gold plated brass and black nylon.

Photos by Joshua Goulding
Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Product Design
  • The world first fully 3D printed and personal ear buds. The buyer can order their custom designs and choose materials through an application. Once an order is placed the buyer has a couple of options for fitting. They can either order an ear molding kit and mold their ears themselves for around $5 or if they want they can get their ears professionally molded at an audiologist and send off the molds to Accord to be 3D scanned.
    Accord prepares the 3D files to receive the drivers and buttons; ready to 3D print in the buyers chosen material. The parts are then printed on demand and assembled. This negates the need for a mass production runs and leads to a more sustainable product. A product that could be could easily be localise buy 3D printing firms sharing production around the world to reduce cost, lower carbon footprint from shipping and create jobs.
    Special thanks to Genevieve Small and Joshua Goulding
    Made for production in early 2014
    download andoid test app here